Editorial Policy

This Editorial Policy applies to www.somalireview.com (reference to “the website” herein means www.somalireview.com).

Editorial Policy

SomaliReview.com is committed to publishing news, information and analyses that is informative and educational for its audience. The online journal strives to become a reputable platform that presents a wide range of information, ideas, perspectives and voices to enrich the debate on culture, politics and society on/about the Somali Peninsual and wider region.

The website offers neutral space for different voices to share and engage, conditional to a message that is clear, relevant and convincing, and conforms to our Contributor Guidelines. The website has regular contributors (who are published under “Featured Columns” section) and welcomes Guest Contributors to share their ideas and work with the world.

Sources of Information

All content on the website is original content from SomaliReview.com or re-published content obtained from other websites with acceptable editorial standards. Three main sections – “Editorial”, “Special Report” and “Featured Columns” – are dedicated exclusively to original content from SomaliReview.com. The website’s original content use reliable sources across Somalia and the wider region to rely information that is timely, accurate and verified (unless stated otherwise).

Editors objectively review submitted content/articles from Contributors (Become a Contributor) for message and whether content conforms to our editorial standards. Third-party content is evaluated for balanced reporting before being published on the website.

Editorial Policy Changes

Sometimes small changes are made to this policy. This will not affect the policy’s overall objectives. If there is a major policy change that impacts the journal’s editorial balance, SomaliReview.com is obliged to inform its audience in a timely manner. 

Linking to External Sites

The website republishes content from third-party sources. All content is accurately sourced and links back to the original source. The links usually open a new window, making it clear that you are leaving our website for another website, so that you become aware that another site’s editorial policy, privacy policy, advertising, and terms of use are in effect.


We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this editorial policy or the website. Please feel free to contact us by sending an email to: editor@somalireview.com.