General Guidelines for Contributors –

Somali Review welcomes articles from all contributors – established and aspiring writers, political analysts, social commentators, bloggers, and creative writers. Contributors should read this General Guidelines for Contributors before submitting their original work via E-mail to: or

We welcome different types of writing: opinion and analysis, essays and commentary, blogs, short forms of creative writing.

The E-mail submission should include:

  1. E-mail subject should always be “Contributor Article”

  2. At the top of the E-mail, provide the following information:

    1. Contributor’s name

    2. Article title and summary (50-word limit)

    3. Specify type of writing, in accordance with the website’s sections: Opinion + Analysis; Blogs; Essays + Commentary; and Creative Corner

    4. Article’s word length

  3. Somali Review will send an automated E-mail response confirming receipt of Contributor’s article. We reserve the right not to publish sub-standard articles that potentially compromise the integrity of our Editorial Policy.


Opinion + Analysis: Structured writing that offers new information and perspective on a range of important and relevant topics on/about the Somali Peninsula and wider region. Often, articles cover a brief background of a subject matter, contextual analysis and opinionated reflection within an 800-1,200-word limit.

  1. Blogs: This can be informal writing, usually 400 – 700 words. Share your knowledge, idea and/or passions for your favorite topic. Be concise, abundantly creative and sharp.

  2. Opinion + Analysis: Articles of 700 – 1,200 words discussing a particular topic, through presentation of relevant information, analysis and commentary. The aim is to introduce, further develop or broaden the public’s understanding of a specific subject-matter.

  3. Essays + Commentary: “In-depth coverage” of a particular topic (1,200 – 3,000 words) that provides a platform for constructive discussion and engagement, while widening the audience’s scope of understanding on the particular issue/topic. This may evolve from an Opinion + Analysis article or Blogpost, aiming to further explore different perspectives through objective presentation, contextual analysis and real-life examples.

  4. Creative Corner: This can be in any form: Poetry; Creative Non-Fiction (1,500 – 4,000 words); Flash Fiction (400 – 1,500 words); and Short Story Fiction (1,500 – 6,000 words). Be relevant and creative.


All articles undergo the following Editorial Process:

  1. Content, language and style review

  2. Proofreading

  3. Final approval of submitted content


Somali Review strives to publish an article within three days. We know that contributors work hard on their projects and that timelines are important to keep the conversation going, fill the discussion with vibrancy and new leads, and help people make informed decisions about the big issues.


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